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Tsambika Beach – The best way to spend a day in Rhodes

Last time I was in Rhodes was more than 10 years ago. When I (Yasmin) return from my stay at one of Greece’s most visited and beloved islands, I note with satisfaction that I:
1) at least have advanced from the cheap and pool-less hotel I stayed at the age of 19 to a luxurious all-inclusive hotel (stay tuned for a separate review).
2) am still able to keep up with the young kids on the notorious bar street. Sort of.

Nevertheless, the highlight of our latest trip to Rhodes was to explore the island by car. Our best discovery? A wonderful sandy beach with clear water and a super Instagram friendly photo motive as backdrop! Follow us as we spend a full day at the locals’ very own favorite beach; Tsambika Beach in Rhodes.
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Getting to Tsambika Beach

Tsambika Beach is located on the east coast of Rhodes, a roughly 40-minute drive from the city center. We rented a Suzuki Jimny (cab) through Galaxy Cars, a car rental company whose price, customer support and quality of cars we were really pleased with. The rental price for two days was 120 euros, but the prices vary depending on the car of your choice. The delivery and return of the vehicle took place smoothly at our hotel.

Galaxy Cars Suzuki Jimny We are Nodes Tsambika Beach

Tsambika Beach

The cooling breeze catches our hair as soon as we hit the roads. It is more than 35 degrees and the soaking sun makes us really look forward to reach our destination.

Tsambika beach is named after the Monastery of the Virgin of Tsambika, located on the top of the enormous rock that surrounds the beach. Unlike many of the other beaches in Rhodes, Tsambika consists of a bed of sand instead of rocks.

We quickly understand why so many of the Greeks we have met in Rhodes call Tsambika their favorite beach. Although there are many tourists on site, the beach is far from crowded and the relaxed atmosphere makes us forget that we are in one of Europe´s most popular charter destinations.

Tsambika Beach Restaurant We are Nodes 1 Tsambika beach sunbeds we are nodes tsambika beach we are nodes 4Tsambika beach is well suited for both families with kids, couples and teens. The restless beach visitors do not need to worry; Tsambika offers several watersports and an adventure area with water slides and a climbing wall. And for the brave ones; a sign at the parking lot tells us that there is a naturist part further down the beach…

After a couple of hours in the sun, we decide to take a long anticipated lunch break with Gyros plates, fresh orange juices and cold beers. The beach restaurants offer priceworthy food and drinks, but remember to bring cash to the beach, since a majority of the restaurants or sunbed rentals do not accept credit cards. In the heating sun, there are plenty of other things you would rather want to do than to drive to the closest village to find an ATM (like we did).

Tsambika Beach Bar We are Nodes Tsambika beach Orange Juice We are Nodes Tsambika beach restaurant We are Nodes Rhodes Tsambika beach restaurant We are Nodes Tsambika Beach We are Nodes Beer

The perfect photo motif

At the end of our beach day, we head over to the beautiful Greek flag that rises over the beach and creates a popular backdrop for photos. Definitely worth a stop – and a snap? Despite several Google searches, I cannot manage to find the story behind the flag. Does anyone know more?

Greek flag Tsambika Beach We are Nodes
Kalimera for now, but we will be back soon with more blog posts about Greece!


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