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    Grand tour of Sweden’s first Hobbit Hotel

    Fredrik Sandell, the owner of Sweden’s first Hobbit Hotel

    Sweden’s first Hobbit Hotel has opened – and it’s located in the middle of a residential area in Stockholm suburb Nacka, 15-20-minute drive from the city center. You can now spend the night in a replica of the Frodo and Bilbo Baggins-house, and experience the magical Hobbiton setting IRL. We are Nodes got a grand tour of the 1- room Bed and Breakfast, so join us as we interview the Hobbit Hotel owner, try on the precious ring (!), and learn about hobbit breakfast habits.

    Even though we had seen pictures of the Hobbit hotel before we visited, we both were surprised about the striking resemblance when we arrived. It’s almost unreal to see a full-scale replica of the Baggins house in the middle of a residential area in Stockholm. They opened only a month ago, but the Bed and Breakfast has already been featured in Swedish local TV (Nyhetsmorgon) and newspapers. And – to the owner Fredrik Sandell’s big surprise – without any real marketing efforts from their side, visitors from all over the world have started to find their way to Sweden’s first Hobbit Hotel. “We had Germans visiting yesterday, and an English couple the week before. I want this to become an international tourist attraction.”

    hobbit hotel swedenWe were super happy to be among the first ones to visit Sweden’s first Hobbit Hotel 

    Entrepreneurial Lord of the Rings fan

    During the time we were visiting, several neighbors stopped by for a chat, and an upcoming guest that had reserved the room for her parents, walked by to say hi and check out the 1-room building. “The interest from neighbours and people walking by has been huge”, Fredrik explains. And we can clearly see why – the hotel is extremely welcoming, and not only because of its extraordinary exterior and interior, but also because of its owner and founder; Fredrik Sandell. He’s a true entrepreneur who has a impressive amount of energy and passion for his project(s). Besides the Hobbit Hotel, he has a full-time job, runs two cafés and trains two soccer teams.

    Our first question was of course excatly HOW big of a Lord of the Rings-nerd he is? Fredrik laughs, he has heard the same question many times before. “I wouldn’t describe myself as a hardcore Lord of the ring-fan… Although I have read the books twice, and I stood in line from 4 am to get in to the movie premieres.”

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    How it started

    Originally, the idea was to build a small apartment for their daughters to stay in when they got older, but the idea quickly evolved to become something bigger – and with time, the Hobbit Hotel was ready to welcome its first guests. However, it took almost 8 months to even get the permit to build the house. At first, Fredrik considered doing only the exterior inspired by the Baggins house, but when he mentioned the idea to his friends, he could tell by their ecstatic reaction that he should go all in with the Hobbit concept. And we’re lucky he did, because the interest for extraordinary and genuine travel experiences is just growing, and we’re confident that the Hobbit Hotel is going to be a huge success!


    Fredrik has planned and designed the hotel, which has got underfloor heating, a fridge and freezer, toilet, running water – everything one could need for a comfortable stay. Visitors can try on the “Precious ring” (if they dare),  and Fredrik has geared up with plenty of Hobbit and Lord of the Rings video material for the dedicated fans.

    hobbit hotel swedenhobbit hotel swedenhobbit hotel swedenYasmin tried the Hairy Hobbit slippers and pictured herself as a Baggins…

    The ultimate Lord of the Rings experience

    Here’s how Fredrik recommends his visitors to experience the hotel in the best way possible:

    “You come here to unwind, preferably after a full packed day in Stockholm city. You arrive at the Hobbit house, sit down in the patio and pour up a drink (prepared in the fridge) and relax for a while. Later, you out for dinner somewhere nearby, come back home, light the fire and watch Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies as long as you are awake… There are 18 hours of video material! When you wake up the next day, it’s time for breakfast number 1. As you know, hobbits eat two breakfasts, so after the first round, you can take a stroll  around the area or go for a swim, and then it’s time for breakfast nr 2, which consists waffles.”

    hobbit hotel stockholmhobbit hotel sweden

    So, for any of our international readers or local followers, make sure to take your Stockholm visit or staycation to a new level! We want to thank Fredrik for the grand tour of the Hobbit house, and we look forward to following him in the future – something tells us this is not the last project he will launch that will take the travel community with storm!

    Practical Information

    How many can stay in the room: Double bed for 2 persons, plus extra mattresses (maxium of 4 persons)
    How to get there: You can take plenty of different buses (409, 471, 414) from Slussen. Jump off at Nacka Forum, and take a short 5-10 minute walk to the house.
    Address: Lillängsvägen 91, 131 41 Nacka
    Price: From 2000 SEK (200 euro) and up.

    Read more about the rates and practical information on their official website: http://www.hobbitstockholm.se/

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  • Myttinge Värmdö We are Nodes

    A Weekend at the Sea Cottage in Värmdö

    This is what we woke up to 

    Written by Yasmin

    Last weekend, I was back at the Myttinge cottage in Värmdö for a couple of relaxing days filled with long walks, drinking coffee in the sun, ice bathing, sauna and eating lots of food – the best and most soulful way one can spend a weekend. Värmdö is located about 50 minutes by car from Stockholm city, a perfect distance when you’re in the mood for a “mini-getaway”. The interior in the cabin is, along with the beautiful view, a strong reason why we keep going back (the cabin has even  been on the cover of Swedish Elle Interior).

    A more detailed blog post about our latest stay in the cabin (the traditional siblings-getaway) can be found here. Please note that the prices have gone up since our last visit to the cabin. Email dennyshouse[at]hotmail.com for reservations.

    This time, I was there with my boyfriend, and we managed to do two nearby excursions during our stay: Fredrikborgs fästning (a 20-30 minute walk from the cabin) and Siggersta Gård on our way home.

    Myttinge cabin We are Nodescoffee we are nodes myttingestuganMyttinge Värmdö We are Nodes


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    Elegant Breakfast at Gretas in Haymarket by Scandic, Stockholm

    Written by Yasmin

    The opening of Haymarket by Scandic in Stockholm really made a splash in media. The renovation of the former department store PUB-huset was finished in May 2016, and when the doors finally opened, the public was welcomed to a brand new hotel with several cafés and restaurants in exquisite taste.

    Gretas Scandic Haymarket We are Nodes Gretas Scandic Haymarket We are Nodes Gretas Scandic Haymarket We are Nodes

    So close, but yet so far away…

    Recognize the feeling of having a special spot you walk by in your everyday life and never have the time to enter? Gretas, one of Haymarket by Scandic’s cafés, influenced by the 1920’s and decorated in pink colours in a glamorous setting, is THAT place for Sheida. So, once it was time for our “sister conference/ We are Nodes-planning”, she insisted that we should pick Gretas as our location for the day. Said and done, we were there a little before 9 on a Sunday morning (their opening hours is from 9 am on weekends, and 7.30 am on weekdays).

    Gretas Scandic Haymarket We are Nodes

    New favorite spot

    And here’s the verdict: There’s really nothing you can complain over at Gretas. We liked it all; Friendly staff, the well made and filling sandwiches that live up to their prices, the COFFEE, but most of all we enjoyed the the calm and elegant vibe. The central part of Stockholm has (in our opinion), always lacked a great café and breakfast spot, but enter Gretas – our new favorite breakfast place!Gretas Scandic Haymarket We are Nodes Toast on rye with Avocado with egg from Gotland “65” and cream cheese for 85 SEKToast on rye with Salmon and horseradish for 85 SEK

    It’s Champagne o’clock

    Once the clock starts being lunch time, more and more people find their way to Gretas, which is maybe why we prefer the early hours there (not sure if it’s a introvert trait or something…). However, before rounding off, we ordered in a glass of Champagne (140 SEK) to celebrate multiple personal victories (and also Sheida’s upcoming birthday!).

    We are Nodes Champagne Gretas Haymarket ScandicGretas Scandic Haymarket We are Nodes

    Breakfasts is our favorite meal of the day, so we’d love to hear about your breakfast spots in Stockholm! Where do you normally go out to eat breakfast?

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    Gretas, Haymarket by Scandic

    Opening hours
    Cafe: Mon-Thu 07:00-20:00
    Fri 07:00-22:00
    Sat 09:00-22:00
    Sun 09:00-18:00
    Address: Hötorget 13-15
    111 57 Stockholm
    Contact info: Phone+46 8 517 26 700, Email: haymarket@scandichotels.com
    Website: https://www.scandichotels.com/hotels/sweden/stockholm/haymarket-by-scandic/restaurant-bar/gretas

  • Europe

    Stockholm tips: Stockholm’s best coffee served by the ‘Epic Coffee Man’ in Hötorgshallen

    Some while ago, we started to hear rumors about the ‘Epic Coffee Man’ and decided to look him up. His real name is Andreas and he is the owner of Himalayas coffee bar, located in Hötorgshallen, a market hall full of restaurants and stalls with fresh meat, fish, cheese and other delicacies. Himalaya Coffee Bar opened 2012, after the big renovation of Hötorgshallen, and is a blessing to all coffee enthusiasts!


    Brilliant customer service

    It does not take long to understand why Andreas’ good reputation is spreading. Despite long queues, the owner does his best to share knowledge about coffee beans and methods with all of his customers. His passionate and friendly customer service, making you walk away from the counter with a smile, is something you rarely run across in Stockholm.

    we-are-nodes-stockholm-best-coffee-himalaya-coffee-bar-9 we-are-nodes-stockholm-best-coffee-himalaya-coffee-barAndreas is teaching us more about the V60-method while brewing an organic coffee from Ethiopia.

    “High quality coffee comes with a price,” Andreas explains. “Sometime people ask why some coffee beans are so expensive, when they should ask themselves why others are so cheap. The answer is simple: They are not as good. ”

    Skip the Takeaway

    Most Himalaya Coffee Bar-customers order their coffee “to go”. However, if you are not in a hurry, we would advise you to skip the takeaway, and sip on your freshly made coffee at the counter desk instead, while soaking in the vibrant and international atmosphere in Hötorgshallen.

    Recommends coffee bars in Berlin

    We ask Andreas where we can find the best coffee abroad. Here are his top 3 tips:
    1. Berlin has a lot of really good coffee bars. You will find the best coffee at The Barn, it is unbelievably good!
    2. The Coffee Collective in Copenhagen.
    3. I’m also a sucker for the laidback service in Italy, I continuously return to Rome and Florence. There, you can find high-end coffee almost everywhere.


    Private coffee tastings

    Himalaya Coffee Bar offers private tastings for coffee entushiats who want to get a better understanding of the world of coffee. Contact Andreas to schedule a private tasting.

    we are nodes hötorgshallen best coffeewe-are-nodes-stockholm-best-coffee-himalaya-coffee-bar-4

    Himalaya Coffee Bar
    Opening hours:
    Monday – Thursday: 10.00-18.00
    Friday: 10.00-19.00
    Saturday: 10.00-16.00
    Sunday: Closed
    Hötorgshallen,  11157 Stockholm. Metro station: Hötorget

    Website: http://www.hotorgshallen.se/handlare/cafe-restaurang/himalaya-espressobar
    Contact details: Phone: 0046-821 88 70. Email: himalaya.te.och.kaffe@gmail.com

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