• Australia

    Back in Brisbane

    Hi! I’m back in Brisbane and I have already been here for a week. Time flies! Since i’ve been back I have done quite a lot so I’d thought I’d share some mobile pictures from what I’ve been up to the previous week: 


    Roadtrip from Barcaldine to Brisbane

    I’ve missed Brisbane!
    barcaldine australiaBeautiful sunset in Barcaldine, Australia


    Last days at work

    Last Saturday I worked my last shift at the bar and on Sunday morning we packed the car with all of our suitcases and started the 13 hour journey back to Brisbane. My month in Barcaldine has gone by really fast and I’m very happy for all the memories. Not even many Australians have been this far out in the country so I’m glad I’ve got to experience something different. 

    Wild kangaroos in Barcaldine

    Since it’s dangerous to drive in the outback in the dark because of all the kangaroos we stopped in Roma for the night. Roma was a bit bigger than Barcaldine, but it’s still a very small country town with a population of only 6,848 people. We stayed at a motel and went out for an early dinner at an Indian restaurant, but we were already back to bed by 20 p.m haha. In the morning we ate breakfast at the local bakery before continuing the journey “home”.

    Flat tire one hour from Brisbane…

    When we were only one hour from Brisbane, the car got a flat tire (!) in the middle of an intersection. Luckily, a super friendly man who worked in a nearby car shop had seen us and before we hardly had understood what had happened he helped us to replace the wheel. Thank God this happened close to the city and not somewhere in the outback… 

    Roadtrip to Noosa

    After one day in Brisbane, I went on another road trip – this time to Noosa, a hippie/surf resort town about 2 hours away with car. Even if it’s winter here in Australia at the moment and the weather wasn’t on our side all of the time, it was really nice to just relax, eat good food and wine and hang out on the beach. 

    Eat Street Food Market

    Eat Street in Northshore

    Once back in Brisbane again, I went on a long-awaited second visit to Eat Street food market. It’s open every weekend and has over 70 food vendors + live music. If you are visiting Brisbane, I can really recommend a visit here even if it’s a bit far from town. And for all Aussie-Swedes that are craving Swedish candy, they have a little Swedish candy shop here! However, it’s very pricey – two small bags of candy cost 26 dollars which is 169 SEK.

    Adress: 221D MacArthur Ave, Hamilton QLD 4007
    Opening hours: Friday, Saturday: 4 – 10 p.m, Sunday 12-7 p.m
    Entry fee: $3

    Job Hunting at Brisbane State Library

    I’ve also spent many hours at, what has become, one of my favorite spots in Brisbane…. The State Library! Since I don’t have a real “home” here in Brisbane yet and live at hostels or Air Bnb’s with other people, I have realised that the library has been one of those places that I’ve been drawn to since I can just sit in peace and quiet for hours and “fix things”. I’ve been writing my English resume, searched for jobs, blogged, and looked for apartments (I’m actually here at the moment). Plus The Library Cafe is the perfect “working cafe” and serves great coffee and vegeterian pumpkin lasagne!

    Exploring Brisbane

    Fish Lane, a cosy street in Brisbane with nice bars and restaurants

    I’ve also had some time to explore Brisbane with other backpackers. I’ve been at Fox Hotel rooftop for drinks, ate a lot of sushi, seen the new Jurrasic Park at the cinema and last but not least I’ve become sick. I guess it was about time but it still sucks. It was so funny when I told my roommate (from Japan) that I got a fever and a cold, because she immediately put on her surgical mask haha. Well, I can’t blame her. I have not been this sick for many years…