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    Travelling in Southeast Asia: 1 Day to go!

    A lot of things has happened since I last wrote in this blog and tomorrow I’m actually starting my “Travel Without a Plan” in Southeast Asia! I’m starting in Singapore, continuing to Bali for a month and then heading to Australia and/or New Zealand. But before I get further into my non-existing travel plans, lets start with a short recap of what I have been up to lately. 

    Long story short.

    Last fall I decided to quit a job that I didn’t feel was the right match for me, decided that I wanted to go travelling for a couple of months before figuring out what I wanted to do next, set a departure date and booked a one way flight to London. I took a short-term job for the remaining months before my trip, bought an apartment (!) in Stockholm (which will be built in 2019), rented out my current apartment, changed my mind about London and decided to go to Asia instead. I didn’t use my flight ticket to London the 28th of March, but booked a new flight to Singapore about a week a go, and another flight to Bali, and well, here I am…

    Although I set the dates for this trip in the fall, the trip itself is pretty much unplanned. I kind of like it that way although it’s also freaking me out a bit. It wasn’t until this Easter break that I actually sat down and booked the flights and started to do some research.

    So far, my next couple of weeks will look something like this:

    9-13 April: Touristing in Singapore.
    14-16 April: Surf Camp in Canggu, Bali for 3 days.
    16-30 April: Moving in to a villa in Canggu with two other Scandinavian girls and explore Bali.

    Evening yoga on our boat in Šćedro, Croatia. I’m planning to take a few classes in Bali as well.

    Sunset in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

    I will of course start updating the blog more frequently when I’m on the go, both like a “daily/weekly travel diary” so that my friends and family will know where I am and what I’m up to, but I will also make detailed travel guides once I have started to get to know the cities and places I visit. I have so many ideas already and look forward to wake this blog to life again.

    See you in Singapore!