Stockholm tips: Stockholm’s best coffee served by the ‘Epic Coffee Man’ in Hötorgshallen

Some while ago, we started to hear rumors about the ‘Epic Coffee Man’ and decided to look him up. His real name is Andreas and he is the owner of Himalayas coffee bar, located in Hötorgshallen, a market hall full of restaurants and stalls with fresh meat, fish, cheese and other delicacies. Himalaya Coffee Bar opened 2012, after the big renovation of Hötorgshallen, and is a blessing to all coffee enthusiasts!


Brilliant customer service

It does not take long to understand why Andreas’ good reputation is spreading. Despite long queues, the owner does his best to share knowledge about coffee beans and methods with all of his customers. His passionate and friendly customer service, making you walk away from the counter with a smile, is something you rarely run across in Stockholm.

we-are-nodes-stockholm-best-coffee-himalaya-coffee-bar-9 we-are-nodes-stockholm-best-coffee-himalaya-coffee-barAndreas is teaching us more about the V60-method while brewing an organic coffee from Ethiopia.

“High quality coffee comes with a price,” Andreas explains. “Sometime people ask why some coffee beans are so expensive, when they should ask themselves why others are so cheap. The answer is simple: They are not as good. ”

Skip the Takeaway

Most Himalaya Coffee Bar-customers order their coffee “to go”. However, if you are not in a hurry, we would advise you to skip the takeaway, and sip on your freshly made coffee at the counter desk instead, while soaking in the vibrant and international atmosphere in Hötorgshallen.

Recommends coffee bars in Berlin

We ask Andreas where we can find the best coffee abroad. Here are his top 3 tips:
1. Berlin has a lot of really good coffee bars. You will find the best coffee at The Barn, it is unbelievably good!
2. The Coffee Collective in Copenhagen.
3. I’m also a sucker for the laidback service in Italy, I continuously return to Rome and Florence. There, you can find high-end coffee almost everywhere.


Private coffee tastings

Himalaya Coffee Bar offers private tastings for coffee entushiats who want to get a better understanding of the world of coffee. Contact Andreas to schedule a private tasting.

we are nodes hötorgshallen best coffeewe-are-nodes-stockholm-best-coffee-himalaya-coffee-bar-4

Himalaya Coffee Bar
Opening hours:
Monday – Thursday: 10.00-18.00
Friday: 10.00-19.00
Saturday: 10.00-16.00
Sunday: Closed
Hötorgshallen,  11157 Stockholm. Metro station: Hötorget

Contact details: Phone: 0046-821 88 70. Email:

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