Stocholm Guide: Welcome to Paraden!

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Written by: Sheida

Welcome to Paraden, Bockholmengruppen’s latest addition of restaurants, located at the corner of Valhallavägen and Erik Dahlbergsgatan at Karlaplan in Stockholm. Since I (Sheida) live just a stones throw away, I have walked past this newly opened (and hyped!) local joint several times, and last Sunday I finally went there for brunch. 

You can tell that the locals are happy that Paraden is finally up and running, because every time I have walked past this otherwise so quiet street, it has been busier than usual. On Thursday, when I walked home from work, I thought they were hosting an event of some sort, since there were so many people hanging outside the restaurant.
I was wrong. It was just the after work that was in full swing!

Old movie theater

The owners of Paraden, Bockholmengruppen, also stand behind the popular restaurants Nybrogatan 38, Nytorget 6 and Österlånggatan 17, so you will find a lot of similarities in both the interior and the menu – even if each restaurant has its own twist. Paraden’s concept is actually pretty cool. It’s built inside an old movie theater from 1932 and has kept a lot of details that will remind you of its history. The theater seating behind me (in the picture above) is just an example.

This morning, I went for a classic Egg Royale with smoked salmon, spinach, poached eggs and hollandaise. A glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and a cappuccino and I was good to go!
Egg Royale: 145 SEK, Juice 45 SEK.

Even though Karlaplan is a part of central Stockholm, this particular area is very quiet and can’t exactly brag with a wide and good selection of restaurants and places to hang out on.  Paraden is therefore a welcomed addition, and I can really recommend it for a cosy dinner or a date.
Adress: Valhallavägen 147
Reservations: 08 660 33 55 or

Opening hours: Mon-Thur 07:30-23:00, Weekends 10:00-01:00


Date Night at Rollers n Bowlers in Haninge, Stockholm

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Rollers n Bowlers We are Nodes

Written by Yasmin

Rollers n Bowlers We are Nodes

Take the commuter train about 20 minutes from Stockholm city, and walk right into an American diner. What makes Rollers n Bowlers in Haninge Centrum so unique is not necessarily the diner itself, but their bowling alley and roller skating rink which makes the venue optimal for a full-blown American teenage date night  (at least the setup we are used to seeing in movies).

My boyfriend and I decided to go for the traditional American date night experience a couple of weeks ago, and started off our visit at Rolles n Bowlers with burgers and shakes in the restaurant. Later, we head over to the rink to show off our roller skating “skills”. Even though I figure skated as a child, I can’t claim that my performance in the rink was something to be proud of,. However, the loud music and disco lights made the experience so much more fun (and sweaty) than I ever expected!

Rollers n Bowlers We are NodesRollers n Bowlers We are Nodes StockholmThe restaurant was nicely decorated and seemed to be popular amongst children, teens and older people. The Oreo-milkshake was great but the food is slightly overpriced in comparison to its taste. 

Rollers n Bowlers We are NodesRollers n Bowlers We are Nodes StockholmLooking like Bambi on Ice 🙂

More information
Price: 130 SEK (roller skating) for 1 hour on weekends
Location: Haninge Centrum
Address: Runstensvägen 1, 13646, Handen
Opening hours:
Monday : 10.00 – 21.00
Tuesday – Thursday: 10.00 – 22.00
FrIday- Saturday : 10.00 – 01.00
Sunday: 11.00 – 21.00

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Tapas Evening hosted by Tidningen Res and Gran Canaria Tourism

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Tidningen Res Gran Canaria event We are Nodes

Tidningen Res Gran Canaria event We are Nodes

Happy Monday! Our week was off to a really good start with an awesome tapas evening hosted by Sweden’s first ever travel magazine Tidningen Res, Gran Canaria Tourism and Instituto Cervantes. We listened to a talk about Grand Canaria’s less known sides, attractions and history. The speakers dispelled the myth about Gran Canaria as a destination full of tourists and tourist traps. After the lecture, we were offered a delicious tapas buffet and sangria,  and continued to mingle with Gran Canaria enthusiasts, fellow travel bloggers (always a pleasure to meet LinizTravel amongst others) and organizers. Thank you to Res and Gran Canaria Toursim for a great evening!

Tidningen Res Gran Canaria event We are Nodes Tidningen Res Gran Canaria event We are Nodes Tidningen Res Gran Canaria event We are Nodes


Central America

Travel Q&A with Yasmin from We are Nodes

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ICannes We are Nodes

Get to know the sisters behind We are Nodes
Part 1: The big sister

Name: Yasmin Tilles
29 (“The big sister”)
City: Stockholm, Sweden
Occupation: Working as PR and Marketing Manager at IT security-startup Detectify
Passions: Entrepreneurship and building businesses, digital marketing, travelling (obviously), planning (I’m a project manager-freak who plans my whole existence in various to do-lists), and drinking coffee on my balcony.

We are Nodes Exploring Lisbon

Your Best Trip?

There are SO many unforgettable trips to choose between, but here’s two trips that has left a big impression on me:

1) A work trip I made to San Francisco and New York in 2013 while I was working at IDG Sweden and Webbdagarna. I joined the IDG US event team in San Francisco for the annual Macworld/iWorld conference, a huge event targeting Apple users and partners, for a week of intensive and fun work. Later, I took the plane over to NY where I stayed with my friend Bess (who I became friends with when we both were studying Spanish in Madrid), and enjoyed another week of meetings, events and sightseeing in the city. I remember walking around downtown, jumping between inspiring meetings with NY- based startups like Holstee and other prominent web experts, looking up at the skyscrapers and feeling so alive and filled with energy.

With IDG:s awesome and legendary founder Patrick McGovern at the Macworld Conference 

Jumping between meetings in NY 

Love New York!

I was mainly working with the Speaker Lounge at MacWorld. And yes, Ashton Kutcher was one of the speakers (since he played Steve Jobs in the movie about the Apple founder), but I didn’t run into him on site.

2) Not a trip, but more a travel experience that’s very special to me is when Sheida and I moved to Barcelona in 2008, 10 years ago! Not only was it our first abroad experience together, but my GAWD how much we experienced during those months in Barcelona. We rented two rooms in an apartment close to Sagrada Familia, worked together, spent a lot of time partying, getting to know people, going on excursions (our local flatmate was always surprised by the places we explored when we were off work). Barcelona will always be special to me, especially since both me and Sheida grew up a lot during our time there.

Barcelona We are Nodes

A very old photo of Sheida and I from Barcelona, it seems we liked to match outfits back then… 

Room Barcelona We are Nodes

Haha love this image of my room in Barcelona that I found when writing on this blog post. The funny thing is that Sheida slept in my bed the first night, since we hadn’t really decided if we trusted our flatmate yet (he turned out to be a great guy). 

Favorite travel memory?

Spending a night in the jungle in Costa Rica in 2015. Long story short; We arrived to the wrong hotel in the middle of the night and  in the middle of the jungle, but somehow we managed to convince the hotel owners to let us sleep in their open air show room. Definitely one of my travel highlights!

When my friend Linnéa and I visited Pointe des Almadies, the most western point of Africa, during our volunteer trip in Dakar, Senegal. Pointe des Almadies was the perfect way to escape the crazy and loud citylife in Dakar, and the place made us come back twice for its quiet surroundings and fresh oysters.

We visited Pointe des Almadies during a volunteer trip we did to an orphanage in Senegal. 

Sheida and I have spent many months in Cannes, but one thing we never get tired of is the magical sunrises over there. I love the memories of those nights when we had a blast at the club, and then walked home while talking about the evening as the sun went up.

We are Nodes Cannes Sunrise

What’s the best and worst part about traveling with you sister?

Worst part is that we push each other’s buttons and therefore argue a lot (fortunately for us, we make up as quickly). Best part is that we are a great travel team. We enjoy spending vacations in the same way. We value the small things in life and easily fall into simple travel habits when we are away.  For example, one of our favorite parts of staying in Paris for one summer, was the very simple breakfast-picnics we had in the next door park every morning. We have so many unforgettable memories together. Travelling is truly what has made us so close.

Sisters We are Nodes

Your best travel hacks?

1. Do some good research, skip the regular Trip Advisor-tips and search for “city + blog” (not biased here at all hehe) for some travel blogger input, and don’t forget Instagram as a great source for travel inspiration!

2) If possible, stay in cities for a longer period. The difference staying 4 weeks in a city instead of one is HUGE. That’s how you really get to know locals and the city, and have enough time to create your own habits. A less touristy experience of a city. If you don’t have so many vacation days, try asking your manager if you can work remotely. I’m a true supporter of the work and travel-concept!

3) If you’re staying in a city for a longer period and need to find somewhere to stay; try searching for apartment in less known, preferably local, sites and forums (i.e. not Airbnb). That way you could find flats/rooms for better prices. For instance, when Sheida and I were looking for a flat in Cannes to rent for two months, we used AngloInfo France (the Riviera forum). The result: We found this amazing flat with two rooms and its own patio, in the middle of Cannes, for a very good price! We kept going back to this apartment year after year!

Cannes We are Nodes

Cannes 2012: We did our life admin, side projects and travel research in the patio…We are Nodes

…and drank a lot of coffee and hanged out with the cat.
ICannes We are Nodes

Photo from our first day in Cannes that summer, the international advertising festival Cannes Lions was in town and tech giants hosted parties and mingles throughout the city. 

Your favorite weekend destination?

Barcelona, New York and my latest favorite Lisbon.


Photo from a previous work trip to New York, this is me and my former colleague John with the inventor of World Wide Web, Sir Tim Bernes-Lee at the Webby Awards Afterparty. 

We are Nodes New YorkWe are Nodes New York

We are Nodes The Park Rooftop LisbonWe are Nodes The Park Rooftop Lisbon We are Nodes Memmo Alfama Hotel Lisbon

Photos from my weekend trip to Lisbon last year.

Your favorite party destination?

Cannes for sure (read our Cannes guide here). And we’re not the only ones to like the city during summer…
Bob Sinclair Gotha Cannes

Bob Sinclair spinning records at Gotha Club, Cannes

Nervo We are Nodes CannesWith DJ Nervo
Paris Hilton Cannes We are NodesParis Hilton had some good Cannes-vibes at Le Palais
Avicii Baoli Beach Cannes We are NodesAvicii made the roof lift at Baoli Beach
French Riviera We are NodesBeach parties with friends (this pic is from St Tropez though, read more here

Have you ever visited a city that didn’t live up to your expectations?

Paris is a very nice city that I really have tried to fall in love with, but it just doesn’t work. Sheida and I rented a studio in Le Marais for one summer, and I have been there several times for weekends and work trips, but Paris and I just don’t click. There plenty of fun and wonderful things to do, but it’s just not my city of choice.

Paris We are Nodes

It’s not you, Paris, it’s me… Or is it?

What are your travel plans for 2017?

So far, I’ve been in Gdansk,  Riga and Helsinki. Rest of the year will be spent with an epic road trip to Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro and Slovenia this summer. A traditional visit to Finland to visit relatives, and hopefully both Athens and Italy. If possible, I’d love to squeeze in Tel Aviv, it seems like cool city!

Espa Riga We are NodesPhotos from our spa trip to Riga in February 2017

That’s all for now, follow me (Yasmin) on Twitter/Instagram @yasmintilles to keep up with my latest updates!

Next up, we will get to know Lil’ sis a little better. Stay tuned!


A Weekend at the Sea Cottage in Värmdö

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Myttinge Värmdö We are Nodes

This is what we woke up to 

Written by Yasmin

Last weekend, I was back at the Myttinge cottage in Värmdö for a couple of relaxing days filled with long walks, drinking coffee in the sun, ice bathing, sauna and eating lots of food – the best and most soulful way one can spend a weekend. Värmdö is located about 50 minutes by car from Stockholm city, a perfect distance when you’re in the mood for a “mini-getaway”. The interior in the cabin is, along with the beautiful view, a strong reason why we keep going back (the cabin has even  been on the cover of Swedish Elle Interior).

A more detailed blog post about our latest stay in the cabin (the traditional siblings-getaway) can be found here. Please note that the prices have gone up since our last visit to the cabin. Email dennyshouse[at] for reservations.

This time, I was there with my boyfriend, and we managed to do two nearby excursions during our stay: Fredrikborgs fästning (a 20-30 minute walk from the cabin) and Siggersta Gård on our way home.

Myttinge cabin We are Nodescoffee we are nodes myttingestuganMyttinge Värmdö We are Nodes



Spa weekend in Riga – and a cup of amazing hot chocolate

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espa riga tallink

The trip to Riga was made in collaboration with Tallink Silja. Opinions are our own.
Written by: Yasmin

Espa Riga We are Nodes

After only a month into the new year, we had transformed into Zombie-mode (being tired, gloomy and walking in a weird twitching way) – and desperate times calls for desperate measures. My (Yasmin’s) favorite spa is located in the heart of Riga, on the 6th floor of Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija to be exact. I have a yearly tradition to go there with two of my closest friends to get rid of all kinds of ache and misery, and it works like a charm. Since we got a deluxe cruise from Tallink Silja when we won the Newcomers 2016-award, we decided to use it to go to Riga for a quick spa weekend, and I was super pumped to show Espa Riga to my little sister.

The boat trip

Many people have opinions about cruises. Sheida and I have grown up with cruise ships because of our Finnish background. Growing up, we took either Viking Line or Silja Line to Finland at least once a year to visit our relatives on our mother’s side. The ships have therefore never been associated with partying for us, rather a opportunity to spend time with our family, eat buffet dinners (I’m known as the Shrimp girl because of my massive portions), hang out at the deck if the weather allows it, and do some tax free shopping.

So, this was exactly what we did at Tallink Silja Isabelle – we ate long breakfasts and buffet dinners, brought takeaway tea to our cabin and talked for hours, and went to bed early. We also got super confused about the different time zones, and woke up at 05.00 two days in a row (zombie mode just leveled up) – the good thing was that we got some work done in the mornings, plus we were the first ones to the breakfast. Tallink’s followers were also able to follow us throughout our trip since we did an Instagram-takeover for them – we hope they enjoyed it!

Breakfast TallinkSilja We are Nodes 2Breakfast TallinkSilja We are Nodes´TallinkSilja We are Nodes


As soon as we got off the boat in Riga, we walked by foot to Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija – an approximately 40 minute walk. I’ve been at the award-winning spa many times before (our usual setup is two nights at the hotel that traditionally begins with a shot of Riga Balzam at the hotel’s sky bar when arriving on Friday evening), so it felt great to be back. Espa Hotel has two floors, the general relax area on floor 2 with a pool, jacuzzi and two saunas, and floor 6 where the real magic happens.

6th floor-Zen

After we had changed into our swimming clothes, robes and slippers, we took the elevator to the 6th floor. This is where you get escorted if you have scheduled a treatment. Guests usually are allowed to hang out at the 6th floor area for 1-2 hours and the hotel keep a limited amount of persons in the area in order to maintain peace and quiet.

In the area guests can alternate between a warm outdoor-pool, plenty of different saunas, from herbal and steam saunas to the classical Finnish saunas,  and a relaxation area with a fireplace and refreshments. The treatments are wonderful (we truly recommend the massage), and afterwards you’re led into another relax room where you can drink water, tea and eat some snacks while recovering.

Espa Riga We are Nodes Espa Riga We are Nodes Outdoor PoolEspa Riga Sauna We are nodesEspa Riga We are Nodes Relax AreaEspa Riga We are Nodes Hair straightenerThe spa offers high quality products that make you feel like a new person, and they even have hair straighteners in the changing rooms – such a HUGE PLUS for people with fluffy hair, like myself! 

Relax area (a.k.a “Mother’s uterus”)

One of the real highlights is going into what I call “Mother’s uterus” (Sheida doesn’t approve of the expression but it’s my way of trying to explain how comfortable it is), see photo below. Sink into one of those adjustable chairs, put on some classical music in the earphones and close your eyes  – it didn’t take more than a blink of an eye until I was asleep. 

Relax area Espa Riga We are Nodes

World’s best warm chocolate

I was determined to show another favorite spot in Riga to Sheida; the Rienzi Café, formerly known as Emil Gustavo Café, a chocolate heaven with hot chocolate to die for. It’s located in the old town (a short walk from Radisson Blu Hotel) on Apsizijas bulvaris 24.  Seriously, I’m not even that into chocolate, but still I come back for this warm chocolate, year after year. Don’t miss this!!

rienzi riga we are nodesRiga tips hot chocolate We are Nodesrienzi riga we are nodes

That’s all from our Riga trip this time – but stay tuned, because a new trip to Espa Riga awaits in November. Let us know if you have any Riga tips, or suggestions on other spas worth a visit in Europe (Zombie-mode is never too far away…).



3 Reasons Why Ibiza is the Ultimate Summer Destination

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Written by: Sheida

Without exaggeration, one can easily say that Ibiza is the zenith during summertime. Party- and sun-worshipping people from all over the world flock to the Spanish hippe island, located on the east coast of Spain, to enjoy the vibrant nightlife and the world-class beach clubs. I (Sheida) have listed my top three reasons why Ibiza holds a strong second place (after our favorite city Cannes) as the ultimate summer destination.

1.The Postcard Beaches

The beaches in Ibiza, and especially in Formentera (the smallest of the Spanish Balearic Islands) are a reason alone why you should put Ibiza on your summer bucket list. With it’s lovely white sands and crystal clear turqouise water, Formentera looks just like something off a postcard from the Caribbiean. In other words, you don’t need to go to the other side of the globe to experience paradise – it takes no more than 40 minutes with a ferry from Ibiza town.

ibiza formentera paradise beach

2. The Day Parties

Nothing beats those magical sunsets in the company of good friends, the house tunes and the rosé wine served in plastic cups. If you are into day parties and hanging out at beach clubs, Ibiza will be a dream destination! Three popular day parties you definitely should check out are:

Blue Marlin Beach Club in Cala Jondal.

This beach club is amazing! Everything from the vibe, the crowd, the setting to the music is on point. Be here on Sundays (their most popular day) and be prepared for one of your best and most memorable evenings on Ibiza. Every time I think back to my visit to Blue Marlin it brings a big smile to my face. There are way too many crazy memories to list here, but I all can say is that you should go there and create your own memories – you won’t regret it!

blue marlin ibiza we are nodesblue marlin ibiza we are nodesblue marlin ibiza we are nodesMy travel company Lilian having a cooling mojito in the shade.

Flower Power party at Destino Pacha Resort.

Ibiza is really in the leading edge when it comes to creating over the top-parties, and Destino’s Flower Power party is no exception. During these magical evenings, the whole hotel resort transforms into a colorful hippie world with a market, performances, confetti rains and good old 60’s music which definitely gets you in the mood for dancing! Seeing Ibiza is a hippie island, your holiday to Ibiza won’t be complete until you’ve attended this party. And yes, you will probably be humming on “Let the Sun Shine” in true hippie style for the next couple of days…

destino pacha ibiza flower party we are nodesHaving lunch at the Flower Power party. Can you spot our red fan? It’s a life saver during any party when the weather is hot.

Pacha destino flower power we are nodesibiza destino pacha we are nodesPacha Destino Ibiza flower power we are node

Ushuahia Pool party

Ushuaia beach hotel can boast with the title of being the ultimate party hotel at Ibiza. Why? Because of their incredible pool area that turns into an open air club with the world’s best DJ’s behind the decks – every night of the week. Each day top DJ’s like Avicii, Armin van Buuren (my favorite house producer!), Nervo, Tiësto, David Guetta (etc.) host their own parties and bring a lot of guest DJ’s and artists with them which guarantees a great show! If you have a big vacation budget you can even book one of the hotel’s club rooms that are facing the pool area, basically allowing your balcony to be on the dance floor.

ska%cc%88rmavbild-2016-11-19-kl-21-37-10Picture from my first visit to Ibiza in 2011, the same year that Ushuaia beach hotel opened. Now, 6 years later it’s still a hotspot in Ibiza. 

3. The Chilled Vibe

In Ibiza you take the day as it comes. You wake up at noon. Go to the beach. Eat lunch at four p.m. Go back to your hotel and have a long nap. Dinner is served at 11 p.m or even later if you prefer. And you don’t need to rush to the club because the party won’t start until 2 a.m anyways. Some might find it annoying or stressful that everything starts so late, but for the siesta-loving people like myself that need that extra hour of sleep and prefer eating long dinners, “the Spanish clock” is a match made in heaven. Perhaps this was why I enjoyed living in BCN so much (more about that trip in another blog post)?

las salinas beach ibiza

Is anyone headed to Ibiza this summer? Do you have any suggestions and tips to share?



Introducing Hotel Sadova: A brand new 4-star design hotel in Gdansk

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Written by Yasmin

Every trip has its purpose. Sometimes accommodation is less significant (‘We’ll never be in the room anyway’), and sometimes the hotel becomes a very central part of the whole travel experience. For me (Yasmin), Hotel Sadova definitely was a part of shaping my Gdansk experience. The design hotel opened in June 2016, and is located 7 minutes from the city center. The hotel gave a fresh impression; combining industrial  and modern interior with facilities like an indoor pool, sauna and an attractive bar. Here’s a list of our favorite parts of the hotel!

5 things we enjoyed about Hotel Sadova, Gdansk:

1. Gin and Tonics at the Hotel Bar

We established a little “vacation routine” (gotta love those!) of beginning every evening with a Gin and Tonic on Bombay Gin at the hotel bar, adjacent to the entrance and lobby. Mouthwatering! Give them a try if you’re ever around!

Hotel Sadova Lounge We are NodesHotel Sadova Bar We are NodesHotel Sadova Lounge We are Nodes

2. The indoor pool

When I posted an image of the indoor pool on my Instagram, people joked about vampires and blood because of the dramatic colour. For everyone’s information, the pool actually shifts colours, so unfortunately (having just re-watched the two first seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer), there were no vampires in sight. The red colour was my favorite, though!

Pool Hotel Sadova We are NodesFrom red…
Hotel pool We are Nodes GdanskTo blue…
Hotel Sadova Pool We are NodesTo green…

Maybe it’s because of my event background, but I really love when venues put some effort into enhancing the esthetic touch and visual experience of facilities. With colour lightning and a contemporary art constellation in red, this indoor pool became so much more than just a fitness area. The hotel also offered a small gym for its sporty guests, and an infrared sauna (slightly too cool for me, but I guess those require less power and therefore are a better and more sustainable alternative). With a blizzard outside, we really enjoyed being able to escape the cold in the hotel’s relax area – and I wouldn’t mind having even longer opening hours for the pool (currently it closes at 9 pm).Gym Hotel Sadova We are Nodes

3. Restaurant Papieroovka

Second evening, we decided to try out the hotel’s own restaurant and explore their mixture of Polish and European cuisine. After eating appetizers, beef tartares (my favorite!), duck and meat, we were very happy with our decision!

Restaurant Papieroovka We are Nodes 5Appetizer: Duck’s breast sous vide served with potato fondant, hazelnut powder and pear mousse.Restaurant Papieroovka We are Nodes 2 Restaurant Papieroovka We are Nodes 2Starter: Beef tartar with apple sauce and parmesan crisp with a glass of white Chardonnay was a great choice for starter. I’m a huge fan of beef tartars, and love to try new variations of them. The fruity elements were, for me, a new take on the classic dish.  Restaurant Papieroovka We are Nodes 5Maincourse: Duck with red cabbage puree, romanesco cauliflower, potato fondants and caramelised orange. 
Restaurant Papieroovka We are Nodes 5

4. The Breakfast Buffet

Breakfasts are really my THING, so we spent at least 2 hours, eating, drinking coffee and reading books (yes, we do bring books to the breakfast) every day. Best part of vacation!

Breakfast Hotel Sadova We are Nodes 2 Breakfast Hotel Sadova We are Nodes 2 Breakfast Hotel Sadova We are Nodes 2The backdrop for the breakfast buffet was very Instagram-friendly!
Breakfast Hotel Sadova We are Nodes 2

5. The Rooms

The rooms were of high standard with a modern and elegant touch, including all necessities that one could need. The only thing that would made it better would be a better view – but that’s hardly a dealbreaker for me when I’m on a weekend trip. The rooms were overall a pleasure to stay in!

Hotel Sadova Room We are Nodes 2Hotel Sadova Room We are Nodes 2Hotel Sadova Room We are Nodes 2 Hotel Sadova Room We are Nodes 2

To sum up, it was a pleasure to experience Gdansk while staying at Hotel Sadova. As long as the price level in Poland is so much cheaper than in Sweden, I think it’s worth spending some extra money on both good food and accomondation. Hotel Sadova is a very new addition to the hotel market in Gdansk, and currently building its reputation, but I’m sure it will end up being one of the most popular hotels in the area. The staff were super friendly and had great English skills, which of course makes the hotel experience much better. Thank you for this time, Hotel Sadova!

Read more about my Gdansk trip here: 3 Reasons to Visit Gdansk, Poland



3 Reasons to Visit Gdansk, Poland

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Written by Yasmin

“But why Gdansk?” was a frequent reaction when I (Yasmin) announced the plans for our weekend trip. The lot fell on Gdansk by chance, when my boyfriend and I were browsing through the offers on travel portal Travelbird. We found a deal that included flight tickets, two nights at a 4-star hotel, breakfast buffet and private transfer for only 1500 SEK per person – but more so, it was the possibility to experience a less classical weekend destination that made us click the BUY-button. Located one hour away from Stockholm by plane, Gdansk attracted us with great food for low-cost, and the opportunity to hang out and eat long hotel breakfasts at the newly opened design hotel Sadova.

We are Nodes Gdansk Poland
Join us as we visit one of Polen’s most popular cities and share 3 things you should not miss during your visit to Gdansk.

1) The Christmas Lightning in Oliwa Park

We are Nodes Oliwa Park Gdansk Poland

The park is located about 15 minutes with car from Gdansk city center, so the easiest way to get there is by cab or Uber, although there supposedly is a tram station nearby. Oliwa Park is an absolute MUST if you’re in Gdansk during Christmas time. Our driver rolled his eyes when we asked him if he’d been there, “Yes, I have been there, my girlfriend forced me to go see the christmas lights”  (yeah yeah, use the good old ‘blame the girlfriend’-card), but I’m CONFIDENT that no one can enter this park without being completely amazed by their Christmas lightning, with the impressive “Wall of lights” being the park’s flagship!

We are Nodes Oliwa Park Gdansk Poland We are Nodes Oliwa Park Gdansk PolandOliwaPark We are Nodes Gdansk

2) Delicious meat with golden liqueur at Goldwasser

We are Nodes Goldwasser Gdansk

You know when you have had one of those amazing dinners that you instantly know you’ll end up talking about for a long time? As soon as we took the first bite of our Goldwasser’s Chateaubriand medium rare-steak, we immediately knew that this dinner would be one of those meals we’d look back at. We rounded off our fantastic dinner with their traditional 40-percent Goldwasser liqueur with real 23-carat gold flakes – a great ending to a really good restaurant experience! The prices are high in comparison to the normal price level in Poland, but the restaurant is a brilliant place to treat yourself while being in Gdansk.

Address: Długie Pobrzeże 22, 22-100 Gdańsk, Polen
Phone: +48 58 301 88 78

Jadalnia Pod Zielonym SmokiemJadalnia Pod Zielonym SmokiemWe are Nodes Goldwasser Gdansk We are Nodes Goldwasser Gdansk We are Nodes Goldwasser Gdansk We are Nodes Goldwasser Gdansk Jadalnia Pod Zielonym SmokiemGoldwasser is a fancy restaurant with a fantastic decor and serviceminded staff, located next to the water. Jadalnia Pod Zielonym Smokiem Jadalnia Pod Zielonym Smokiem

3) Polish dishes for cheap prices at Jadalnia Pod Zielonym Smokiem

Jadalnia Pod Zielonym Smokiem We are Nodes

Somewhat difficult to find (we walked by the restaurant twice!) because of its location on the basement floor on ul. Szeroka 125, BUT this restaurant (a highly recommended lunch spot) is well worth its Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence. This where you’ll find typical Polish dishes for very cheap prices (our lunch with drinks, soup and main courses for two persons cost less than 100 SEK/10 euros!) in a genuine and simple setting, which was exactly what we were looking for! Gdansk was pretty calm during our visit, but this restaurant was by far the most crowded one of all the ones we visited.

Address: ul. Szeroka 125, Gdansk 80-835, Polen
Phone: +48 510 071 991

Jadalnia Pod Zielonym Smokiem We are NodesJadalnia Pod Zielonym Smokiem We are NodesJadalnia Pod Zielonym Smokiem We are NodesJadalnia Pod Zielonym Smokiem We are Nodes

Summary of Gdansk

My first visit in Poland was Sopot two years ago, and even though the city itself was beautiful, my general impression of the service level was not positive. Gdansk, on the other hand, exceeded my expectations! Everyone were super friendly and helpful, and the wining and dining-experience alone makes it worth a visit.

We are Nodes Gdansk Poland We are Nodes Gdansk Poland

We were in Gdansk between Tuesday-Thursday, and during weekdays the city is very calm, i.e. nothing for people seeking vibrant nightlife. According to the locals, Sopot is a better choice for clubbing. The quietness of the city didn’t disturb us at all, but good for people to know in order to manage expectations. When (and not if) I return to Gdansk, I’d love to go right before the Holidays to experience the Christmas lightnings and get into the right Christmas spirit.

Bunkier We are NodesClub Bunkier: During evenings, this preserved building from the Second World War, turns into a night club. Unfortunately, it was pretty calm during our visit in Gdansk. 

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Other than the premiere to Gdansk, it was also the first time I traveled with Travelbird. With so many elements (flights, private transfer to and from the hotel, accommodation etc), we were a bit sceptical. We all know how some offers just sound too good to be true, but I must say I’m positively surprised with everything! It’s not the last time I travel with them.

The flights are from Skavsta airport in Sweden (probably one of the most boring and soulless airports in the world), but my #travelhack is simply to make the 1,5 hour bus ride to the airport a part of the experience: Buy coffee, sandwiches, listen to podcasts, plan your trip, and the transport will pass in a heartbeat!

Here’s a detailed blog post about our stay at the brand new design hotel Sadova. 


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Afternoon Tea At Fairmont Vier Jahreszeiten, Hamburg

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fairmont vier jahreszeiten hamburg

This trip was made in collaboration with Hamburg Tourism and NordicTB.

With a couple of hours left until my flight back to Stockholm, I (Sheida) decided to go for a walk along the Alster Lake, followed by a traditional Afternoon Tea at the renowned Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten. Join us as we try their award-winning Afternoon Tea with one of Hamburg’s most well-read tea masters! 

Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreseziten Afternoon Tea We are Nodes

A Grand Luxery Hotel in the Heart of Hamburg

Seeing it was Sunday, freezing, and most of the shops were closed, an afternoon spent in front of an open fire with a warming cup of tea felt like a good idea. During the walking tour the previous day (read our full Hamburg guide here), our guide Tomas Kaiser told us a lot about the coffee and tea export in Hamburg, so I was inspired to go for a tea- tasting or doing some sort of activity involving tea.

After some research, my choice finally fell on a proper English Afternoon Tea at Fairmont Vier Jahreszeiten on Neuer Jungfernstieg 9-14. The Wohnhalle, where the Afternoon Tea is served daily between 2.00 pm-6.00 pm, has been awarded with the “Golden Teacup” twice for best regional tea culture amongst high-class gastronomic establishments. Surely, they must know their tea.

Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreseziten Afternoon Tea We are NodesFairmont Hotel Vier Jahreseziten Afternoon Tea We are NodesDuring the holiday season Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten will impress you with their stunning Christmas decorations.

Enter Fairmont Vier Jahreszeiten

If you’ve been to a Fairmont Hotel before, you already know that they are breathtaking, but during Christmas time the atmosphere is magical – and Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Hamburg was by no means an exception!

Since I was a bit early, the friendly staff where kind enough to give me a little private tour of the hotel while waiting for the clock to strike tea time. I was led through a common area into a beautiful hall where the staff were in the midst of preparing the final touches for the annual children’s Teddy Bear Tea, that was about to start later the same afternoon. Every Sunday starting from November 27th to December 19th (2.00 pm- 6 pm), Fairmont Vier Jahreszeiten hosts a “Afternoon Tea” for the children where they can enjoy a buffet, participate in various crafting activities, play with all the toys and expect a visit from Santa.

I must admit, I wouldn’t mind staying there longer… just look at the beautiful floor to ceiling windows with the blue shimmering lights!

Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreseziten Afternoon Tea We are Nodes Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreseziten Afternoon Tea We are NodesFairmont Hotel Vier Jahreseziten Afternoon Tea We are NodesFairmont Hotel Vier Jahreseziten Afternoon Tea We are Nodes

Afternoon Tea – Christmas Edition

At two o’ clock I was back in the Wohnhalle; comfortably seated in my armchair and ready for some tea. While overlooking the beautiful view of Inner Alster Lake, and listening to the pleasant sparkles from the fireplace closeby, I was already enjoying my visit. I had the pleasure to be served by a really service-minded, friendly and, above all, knowledgeable tea-master, who was a big reason for why my visit became so memorable and why I so warmly can recommend it to others.

I decided to go for the traditional Queen Victoria Afternoon Tea (59 euro) which included scones with clotted cream, a variation of savouries, such as roast beef with truffle remoulade, salmon with horseradish, egg salad with cress, cucumber with cream cheese, cakes and biscuits created by created by Christoph Rüffers, head of Haerlin Restaurant and of course lots and lots of tea.

Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreseziten Afternoon Tea We are NodesFairmont Hotel Vier Jahreseziten Afternoon Tea We are NodesFairmont Hotel Vier Jahreseziten Afternoon Tea We are NodesFairmont Hotel Vier Jahreseziten Afternoon Tea We are NodesThe beautiful tea-menu. I was recommended to try the Golden Assam tea.

Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreseziten Afternoon Tea We are NodesFairmont Hotel Vier Jahreseziten Afternoon Tea We are NodesTo make the tea perfectly steeped the tea master uses a tea sand-timer. 3 minutes for black tea, and 2 minutes for green tea. 

Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreseziten Afternoon Tea We are NodesScones with clotted cream and jam.

Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreseziten Afternoon Tea We are NodesThe pastries are created by Christoph Rüffers, head of Haerlin Restaurant which is also located in the hotel (one of Germany’s leading gourmet restaurants and bearer of 2 Michelin stars). 

Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreseziten Afternoon Tea We are NodesOpera-slice, poppy-fig-slice, blood orange mousse & chestnut biscuit and almond & cranberry cake.

Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreseziten Afternoon Tea We are NodesAnd last but not least; the savouries! The salmon with horseradish and egg salad with cress were my favorites!

More that’s going on at Fairmont Vier Jahreszeiten

Gourmet Restaurant Haerlin has 2 Michelin Stars and has been awarded with several awards such as “German Restaurant of the Year”, “Hamburg’s Best Chef” and “Chef of the Year”.
– In the autumn 2016, the hotel also opened the new design restaurant NIKKEI NINE that offers innovative Japanese cuisine with Peruvian elements.

Reservations for Afternoon Tea at the Wohnhalle:
Open Hours: Monday – Sunday from 2 pm – 6 pm.
Price: 59 euro or 73 euro with a glass of champagne.

Reservations for Children’s Teddy Bear Tea:
+49 (0)40 34 94 3302
Hours: (only in December) 2 pm-6 pm
Price: Children over the age of three 50 eur, adults 65 euro, children under the age of three are free of charge.

If you have any questions, or want to share your Fairmont-experiences, please drop us a comment! And don’t forget to check out our Hamburg video where Fairmont Vier Jahreszeiten is featured!

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