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Winners of Newcomers 2016 award at Nordic Travelblog Event

Written by Yasmin

We want to thank Travel & Lifestyle Nordic for hosting the Nordic Travelblog Event at Hotel Sheraton Stockholm on December 2nd. Aside from wine tastings and a delicious buffet, all travel enthusiasts got to listen to inspiring sessions by TradetrackerGetty Images and representatives from destinations Murcia in Spain, Flanders, Florida Keys & Key West and Israel. Tel Aviv has been on my bucketlist for years, so it was super interesting to hear more about the unknown sides of the city, such as its growing startup scene. I love hearing about new areas where innovation and entrepreneurship is booming, and Tel Aviv could really grow into becoming a leading startup cluster in the future.

Back to the evening, the gala night ended with an award ceremony and to our big surprise, we won the price for this year’s Newcomers! Wow! A huge thank you to the event organizers and Tallink for our price!

With an extremely well written travel blog full of guides, inspiration and great photos, and a travel forum of their own, We are Nodes have brought something new and fresh to the Nordic travel community.


I missed my partner in crime and the other half of We are Nodes, a.k.a my sister Sheida (to the left on the photo above), during the evening though. She was in Hamburg for the #ChristmasInHamburg-campaign, but I texted her as soon as I found out and she became just as happy as me! A massive thank you to the organizers and sponsors of this evening,  and congratulations to all the other winners! 

The Winners List

The winners list is borrowed from Maria from Fantasy Dining, who I also had the pleasure to meet for the first time!



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