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Introducing Hotel Sadova: A brand new 4-star design hotel in Gdansk

Written by Yasmin

Every trip has its purpose. Sometimes accommodation is less significant (‘We’ll never be in the room anyway’), and sometimes the hotel becomes a very central part of the whole travel experience. For me (Yasmin), Hotel Sadova definitely was a part of shaping my Gdansk experience. The design hotel opened in June 2016, and is located 7 minutes from the city center. The hotel gave a fresh impression; combining industrial  and modern interior with facilities like an indoor pool, sauna and an attractive bar. Here’s a list of our favorite parts of the hotel!

5 things we enjoyed about Hotel Sadova, Gdansk:

1. Gin and Tonics at the Hotel Bar

We established a little “vacation routine” (gotta love those!) of beginning every evening with a Gin and Tonic on Bombay Gin at the hotel bar, adjacent to the entrance and lobby. Mouthwatering! Give them a try if you’re ever around!

Hotel Sadova Lounge We are NodesHotel Sadova Bar We are NodesHotel Sadova Lounge We are Nodes

2. The indoor pool

When I posted an image of the indoor pool on my Instagram, people joked about vampires and blood because of the dramatic colour. For everyone’s information, the pool actually shifts colours, so unfortunately (having just re-watched the two first seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer), there were no vampires in sight. The red colour was my favorite, though!

Pool Hotel Sadova We are NodesFrom red…
Hotel pool We are Nodes GdanskTo blue…
Hotel Sadova Pool We are NodesTo green…

Maybe it’s because of my event background, but I really love when venues put some effort into enhancing the esthetic touch and visual experience of facilities. With colour lightning and a contemporary art constellation in red, this indoor pool became so much more than just a fitness area. The hotel also offered a small gym for its sporty guests, and an infrared sauna (slightly too cool for me, but I guess those require less power and therefore are a better and more sustainable alternative). With a blizzard outside, we really enjoyed being able to escape the cold in the hotel’s relax area – and I wouldn’t mind having even longer opening hours for the pool (currently it closes at 9 pm).Gym Hotel Sadova We are Nodes

3. Restaurant Papieroovka

Second evening, we decided to try out the hotel’s own restaurant and explore their mixture of Polish and European cuisine. After eating appetizers, beef tartares (my favorite!), duck and meat, we were very happy with our decision!

Restaurant Papieroovka We are Nodes 5Appetizer: Duck’s breast sous vide served with potato fondant, hazelnut powder and pear mousse.Restaurant Papieroovka We are Nodes 2 Restaurant Papieroovka We are Nodes 2Starter: Beef tartar with apple sauce and parmesan crisp with a glass of white Chardonnay was a great choice for starter. I’m a huge fan of beef tartars, and love to try new variations of them. The fruity elements were, for me, a new take on the classic dish.  Restaurant Papieroovka We are Nodes 5Maincourse: Duck with red cabbage puree, romanesco cauliflower, potato fondants and caramelised orange. 
Restaurant Papieroovka We are Nodes 5

4. The Breakfast Buffet

Breakfasts are really my THING, so we spent at least 2 hours, eating, drinking coffee and reading books (yes, we do bring books to the breakfast) every day. Best part of vacation!

Breakfast Hotel Sadova We are Nodes 2 Breakfast Hotel Sadova We are Nodes 2 Breakfast Hotel Sadova We are Nodes 2The backdrop for the breakfast buffet was very Instagram-friendly!
Breakfast Hotel Sadova We are Nodes 2

5. The Rooms

The rooms were of high standard with a modern and elegant touch, including all necessities that one could need. The only thing that would made it better would be a better view – but that’s hardly a dealbreaker for me when I’m on a weekend trip. The rooms were overall a pleasure to stay in!

Hotel Sadova Room We are Nodes 2Hotel Sadova Room We are Nodes 2Hotel Sadova Room We are Nodes 2 Hotel Sadova Room We are Nodes 2

To sum up, it was a pleasure to experience Gdansk while staying at Hotel Sadova. As long as the price level in Poland is so much cheaper than in Sweden, I think it’s worth spending some extra money on both good food and accomondation. Hotel Sadova is a very new addition to the hotel market in Gdansk, and currently building its reputation, but I’m sure it will end up being one of the most popular hotels in the area. The staff were super friendly and had great English skills, which of course makes the hotel experience much better. Thank you for this time, Hotel Sadova!

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