How to celebrate Bastille Day on the French Riviera

Bastille Day, the French National Day, is celebrated 14th of July in memory of the storming of Bastille, which took place 14th of July 1789. The French history has been very eventful, so there is no wonder why the French people look forward to celebrating the anniversary of the liberation of France on this yearly occasion.  You can find festivities in almost every city in France which makes the Bastille Day an excellent period to visit the country. Join the locals in their celebrations – in everything from parades, fireworks, concerts to family picnics!

Our favorite way to celebrate this historic day is – you guessed it! – on the French Riviera. Spending a full day on the Cote d’Azur is never wrong – but adding Bastille Day to the regular festivities makes it even better!


Head out to any of the beach clubs along the Riviera that has announced that they will throw a National Day party. Usually, they are filled with a bunch of surprises and guest performances. Last time we were in France, we celebrated National Day at Moorea Beach Club, located in Pampelonne in St Tropez. The 5 kilometer beach area is filled with awesome beach clubs like the famous Bagatelle, offering nothing else than good vibes that you don’t want to miss out on!

The evening is best spent watching the traditional fireworks, which are accompanied with nice music and crowded beach picnics. Cannes is the perfect spot to watch the magnificent pyrotechnics (read our Cannes City Guide here).

cannes2014-15cannes2014-14IMG_0124Dressed out nuns, spectacular dance shows, plenty of rosé and good tunes made Bastille Day on Moorea Beach Club a blast. Many beach clubs throw amazing day parties to celebrate the French National Day and the best spots are located on the famous Pampelonne beach.

Name: Moorea Beach Club
Address: Plage de Pampelonne, 83350 Ramatuelle, France
Phone: Telephone restaurant : / Telephone beach :

Interview with Jameson Farn – The expert shares his best French Riviera tips

jamesonSince Nodes is not able to fly in to the French Riviera this summer, we asked our friend Jameson Farn at Experience French Riviera & Gay French Riviera to give us his best tips on how to celebrate Bastille Day 2016. Jameson turned his passion for the Cote d’Azur into his business and has been obsessed with this part of the world since his early 20’s. So, while we had the chance, we also took the opportunity to ask Jameson about his hidden gems and best French Riviera tips.

Where are the best spots to celebrate Bastille Day?

Up and down the coast and within the region there are many events to experience that you will stumble upon during Bastille Day whether you are on your own or with family and friends. The Jazz à Juan starts on July 14th in Juan-les-Pins with a whole range of artists to get the music flowing so for sure that will generate a great crowd.

And if you are in Nice there will be the traditional military parade followed by various concerts along the iconic Promenade des Anglais to enjoy with many other gatherings.

Every village or city tends to have their own set of fireworks display to celebrate the day and if you time it correctly and are in Nice, make sure to head to the beach where, because of the outline of the coastline you will be able to watch the fireworks in the distance going off in Cannes close to the same time they are set off in Antibes and then in Nice itself, it’s quite something to see.

Tell us about any of your hidden gems and favorite places in the South of France?

Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat has always been a personal favorite place. There is something almost magical about the peninsula that allows you to retreat and recharge if you choose. It’s easy to find your own small private beach spot along the seaside trails and the people you meet are wonderfully calm and cultured plus there is a great sense of community.

Of course while there one can visit the beautiful Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild and it’s magnificent ever-changing gardens  and a hidden gem located close to the lighthouse at the tip of the peninsula that you must book ahead for is the Villa Santo Sospir that has a fascinating history along with a grand display of artwork throughout the villa mainly done by the artist Jean Cocteau with touches by Picasso.


What destination are you going to next?

In the past year I have been learning more about Italy and its history, culture and architecture through my partner who is from Milano. It’s great to learn about a country through a resident, especially if their family has a long ancestral line, so I’ve been lucky enough to get a background perspective that way. We don’t have any definitive plans on where we will go to next because we also like the element of surprise for a sense of adventure but it will likely be more around Italy,exploring the seaside towns or we also enjoy going to various parts of Lake Como as it is absolutely enchanting.

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  • Ditte

    Wow! Vilken spännande, intressant och rolig blogg! Så proffsig!
    Här finns hur mycket för mig att läas i kapp. Bara trist att jag inte hittade er förrän igår på Travel Massives event på Rival.
    Men nu har jag gjort det!
    Och här kommer det att bli flera besök framöver.
    Önskar er lycka till mer er jättefina blogg.
    PS och firat 14 julli i Frankrike har jag gjort; varav en gåg i Paris, en gång i Antibes och en gång i Normandie.
    Men nu vet jag var jag ska bege mig om jag kommer till rivieran flergånger denna franska nationaldag.

    • wearenodes

      Tack så mycket, vi gillar din blogg också! 🙂

      Ja St Tropez/Cannes bör du absolut försöka besöka under nationaldagen! Händer så mycket roliga saker överallt och fyverkerishowen i Cannes på kvällen är magisk. Den bästa vi sett!

  • Bartholomew

    What is his response now that Nice was attacked last week? There have been a lot of festivals cancelled, higher precautions everywhere, and security is going to take longer to get in and out of the country. If Brexit happens it won’t help us Brits trying to vacation over there. Has this guy accounted for it? Seems he’s still based in Vancouver, Canada. Has he been over to Nice to see what’s happening? And how would this affect his business? What about travel advisories? All I see on his Facebook page are pretty pictures of luxury properties for rent, is everything operating as normal? I’m afraid of going over even on a mini-break right now.

    • wearenodes

      Hi! The blog post and interview was written before the attack occurred, neither Jameson or us at ‘We are Nodes’ would have ever imagined such a terrible scenario for the National Day. It is devastating, and we send our condolences to everyone who lost somebody that night. However, we have decided to not take the blog post down. One of our Twitter followers wrote “Beautiful blog post written 7 days ago shows the joy Bastille Day should be. So sad sending prayers 2 France”. I think it pretty much sums it up. I can assure that both us and ‘Experience the French Riviera’ are well aware of the situation and very, very worried for the future.

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