Waterfall Hike at Springwood National Park

Twin Falls Waterfall, Springwood National Park
natural bridge springwood national park
Natural Cave, Springwood National Park

Last Saturday we drove to Springwood National Park, about 100 km south of Brisbane (1,5 h drive) for a day of hiking and exploring. As you can tell from the photos the nature here was pretty amazing and just the drive up to the mountain was so scenic that we had to do a lot of stops at different lookouts along the way. 

Once there, we started with a visit to the Natural Cave before driving to Canyon Lookout where the Twin Falls Circuit Walk starts. The waterfall hike takes about 2 hours and is 4 km long and I can highly recommend a visit here. If I get the chance to visit again I will come when it’s dark so that I can see all the glow worms in the Natural Cave. 

How to get there:

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