A Weekend at the Sea Cottage in Värmdö

Written by Yasmin

Myttingestugan We are NodesThis is what we woke up to 

Last weekend, I was back at the Myttinge cottage in Värmdö for a couple of relaxing days filled with long walks, drinking coffee in the sun, ice bathing, sauna and eating lots of food – the best and most soulful way one can spend a weekend. Värmdö is located about 50 minutes by car from Stockholm city, a perfect distance when you’re in the mood for a “mini-getaway”. The interior in the cabin is, along with the beautiful view, a strong reason why we keep going back (the cabin has even  been on the cover of Swedish Elle Interior).

A more detailed blog post about our latest stay in the cabin (the traditional siblings-getaway) can be found here. Please note that the prices have gone up since our last visit to the cabin. Email dennyshouse[at]hotmail.com for reservations.

This time, I was there with my boyfriend, and we managed to do two nearby excursions during our stay: Fredrikborgs fästning (a 20-30 minute walk from the cabin) and Siggersta Gård on our way home.

Myttinge cabin We are Nodescoffee we are nodes myttingestuganMyttinge Värmdö We are Nodes


4 thoughts on “A Weekend at the Sea Cottage in Värmdö”

  1. Fantasy Dining says:

    Ser ju helt underbart och avkopplande ut!

    1. wearenodes says:

      Det gjorde gott för själen! 🙂 //Yasmin

  2. Maria at Inredningsvis says:

    WOWWW! rena sommar drömmen FASEN vad man längtar till Svensk sommar när den är som bäst nu.

    Idag är den lyxiga gardin tips på bloggen!

    Ha en fin vecka:)


    1. wearenodes says:

      I know, nu längtar man verkligen! Dock är stugan även härlig på vintern då man kan bada bastu och bada isvak vilket jag gillar 🙂 Ska spana in gardintipsen! //Yasmin

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