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A Swedish Summer Dream: Vaxholm Hembygdsgårds Café

Written by Sheida

Stockholm has shown itself from its best side this weekend. 26 degrees, sunshine and a clear blue sky. And while one half of We are Nodes (Yasmin) is in Palma (stay tuned for an updated Palma-guide) I, Sheida, have enjoyed the Swedish summer in the archipelago.

vaxholm hembygdsgårds cafe we are nodes

The best place for a Swedish “fika”

Long summer luncheons by the sea are quite hard to beat, and one of our favourite places is Vaxholms Hembygdsgårds Café which is beautifully situated on a small peninsula. Here you will find all sorts of traditional Swedish dishes like cold-roasted salmon with dill stewed potatoes, smoked shrimps and the classic “shrimp sandwich” (in Swedish: räkmacka). Not to even mention the amazing desert buffet with cookies and pastries!

This is the perfect spot for a rosé lunch or a after beach waffle + coffee (there’s a little beach just next to the café if you want to go for a swim!) Well worth a visit!

vaxholm hembygdsgårds cafe we are nodes7vaxholm hembygdsgårds cafe we are nodes33
Today’s lunch: Chèvre Chaud with a cooling glass of lemonade, and lots and lots of shrimps with aioli.
vaxholm hembygdsgårds cafe we are nodes14vaxholm hembygdsgårds cafe we are nodes15vaxholm hembygdsgårds cafe we are nodes8vaxholm hembygdsgårds cafe we are nodes22
… and the amazing desert buffet!

vaxholm hembygdsgårds cafe we are nodes2vaxholm hembygdsgårds cafe we are nodes3vaxholm hembygdsgårds cafe we are nodes4vaxholm hembygdsgårds cafe we are nodes24vaxholm hembygdsgårds cafe

Adress: Trädgårdsgatan 19, 185 32 Vaxholm
Phone: 08-541 319 80
Open: Weekends in May, everyday from June 1- Middle of September
How to get here: You can easily take the ferry from Stockholm City in no less than 1 hour.


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