A Palma Weekend in 26 Photos

Written by: Yasmin

Recently, I (Yasmin) spent an amazing weekend in Palma de Mallorca. The trip was a birthday gift from my boyfriend so I can’t take any credz for the great choice of hotel or destination, that was all him! But what I can do is to sum up our vacation and share our best recommendations with all you Palma enthusiasts (hej alla svenskar!). I noticed that there was an upcoming Palma trip added to our travel community, so I hope our members get some use for this updated Palma guide. A detailed review of the amazing Hotel Saratoga can be found on the blog, but here are some other bits and pieces of what we did during our stay. Also, one of the perks of having a travel blog is that one can read up on the other half of We are Nodes’ previous trip to Palma (read Sheida’s epic Palma guide here). So, we combined lil sis’ best advice with some newly researched restaurants and must-dos, and here’s how we experienced Palma in pictures!

Hotel Saratoga

This hotel, with its amazing rooftop pool and terrace, deserves its own blog post, but we spent a great deal of time here. Rooftops is where I find my zen, so we took every chance we got to sneak up for a drink or a swim. Check out the detailed review of the hotel here. Practical information
Address: Passeig de Mallorca, 6, 07012 Palma
Phone: +34 971 72 72 40

Tahini Sushi Bar in Puerto Portals

If you fancy Asian fusion food, Tahini is the place to go. You can reserve a table through their website, and the staff will call you up to confirm your booking in advance. Ask for a table in their beautiful outdoor patio. Tahini is located Puerto Portals, a 15-minute drive from Palma city (taxi costs about 20 euros one way). Start off with a nice dinner at Tahini, and continue the evening by strolling around in Puerto Portals, and sneak into any of the nice bars for a drink or two. The food at Tahini is delicious; do not to miss the veal and truffle sushi (24.50 euro), it was to die for! We can also recommend the salmon sashimi (23.50 euro) and salmon tartar (19.00 euro) as starters. Practical information
Puerto Portals 2
Phone: +34 971 676 025

Puro Beach Palma

I got strict instructions from by little sister to reserve a sun bed at Puro Beach and spend a full day there. Since I’ve read her detailed guide, I knew that Puro was my type of place. A sunbed by the pool costs 45 euros for a day (remember to be you there before 12.00, otherwise they’ll let your reservation go), and then you spend at least double the amount on snacks, drinks and food during the day. It’s not cheap, but as in many other cases, you pay for the ambiance.

However, having spent hours at the Saratoga rooftop pool the day before, I compared Puro with Saratoga’s more relaxed setting, and first I felt a bit stressed by the waitors walking up to you all the time, and the scene itself.  But, time flies when you’re at a beach club next to the beautiful ocean, and it was acutally super nice to hang out there the whole day; reading books, drinking rosé wine, eating at their restaurant (the food was really good!) and swimming. On the downside, I was a bit disapointed by the low music volume that day (not sure if there was anything wrong with the speakers), but we would have hoped for more “pumpy” setting when the day turned into evening.

Practical information
Pagell 1 Cala Estancia
Phone: +34 971 744 744

Cala Comtesa beach

Another one of my sister’s advice was to visit the Cala Comtesa beach in Illetes. Said and done, a 30-minute bus trip with bus #3 for 1,50 euro (one way) later, we stepped out of the bus at the end station Illetes. Here’s the important part; do not follow the people that are walking towards the beach on the left hand side. Follow the street to the right to get to Cala Comtesa. As Sheida mentioned in her blog post, the restaurant at the Cala Comtesa beach is better suited for drinks and snacks rather than food, so bring your own picnic and enjoy a full day at this magical beach. The water is SO CLEAR AND GREEN, and life can’t be anything else than good when being on this nice beach.

Enjoying the city

Since one of this trip’s missions was to make me embrace the CarpeYolo-lifestyle, we left a couple evenings and days unplanned to just walk around in the city, sneak into different restaurants for tapas and drinks, eat icecream etc. One highlight was our stop at a restaurant with live music next to the harbour, where we got to join salsa entusiasts on the dance floor. I didn’t catch any photos of that specific happening, but here are some other highlights from our trip:

Two different risottos to share at tapas bar U-10 on C/ De la Unió. 

Walking around in Palma and enjoying the nice evening vibe. 

A well-deserved ice cream stop, see how happy he is!

Drinks at the Abaco bar on Calle San Juan 1 in Palma city. Even though it’s a classic amongst tourists, it’s still worth a visit. It’s forbidden to take photos, but the interior, with a bunch of flowers, birds and cool furniture, is fun to experience. Try the Amaretto Sour! 

Check out Sheida’s Palma travel guide if you’re interested in more Palma tips (the Swedish version is found on Travellink:  Make sure not to miss the detailed review of Hotel Saratoga!



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