3 Reasons to Visit Gdansk, Poland

Written by Yasmin

“But why Gdansk?” was a frequent reaction when I (Yasmin) announced the plans for our weekend trip. The lot fell on Gdansk by chance, when my boyfriend and I were browsing through the offers on travel portal Travelbird. We found a deal that included flight tickets, two nights at a 4-star hotel, breakfast buffet and private transfer for only 1500 SEK per person – but more so, it was the possibility to experience a less classical weekend destination that made us click the BUY-button. Located one hour away from Stockholm by plane, Gdansk attracted us with great food for low-cost, and the opportunity to hang out and eat long hotel breakfasts at the newly opened design hotel Sadova.

We are Nodes Gdansk Poland
Join us as we visit one of Polen’s most popular cities and share 3 things you should not miss during your visit to Gdansk.

1) The Christmas Lightning in Oliwa Park

We are Nodes Oliwa Park Gdansk Poland

The park is located about 15 minutes with car from Gdansk city center, so the easiest way to get there is by cab or Uber, although there supposedly is a tram station nearby. Oliwa Park is an absolute MUST if you’re in Gdansk during Christmas time. Our driver rolled his eyes when we asked him if he’d been there, “Yes, I have been there, my girlfriend forced me to go see the christmas lights”  (yeah yeah, use the good old ‘blame the girlfriend’-card), but I’m CONFIDENT that no one can enter this park without being completely amazed by their Christmas lightning, with the impressive “Wall of lights” being the park’s flagship!

We are Nodes Oliwa Park Gdansk Poland We are Nodes Oliwa Park Gdansk PolandOliwaPark We are Nodes Gdansk

2) Delicious meat with golden liqueur at Goldwasser

We are Nodes Goldwasser Gdansk

You know when you have had one of those amazing dinners that you instantly know you’ll end up talking about for a long time? As soon as we took the first bite of our Goldwasser’s Chateaubriand medium rare-steak, we immediately knew that this dinner would be one of those meals we’d look back at. We rounded off our fantastic dinner with their traditional 40-percent Goldwasser liqueur with real 23-carat gold flakes – a great ending to a really good restaurant experience! The prices are high in comparison to the normal price level in Poland, but the restaurant is a brilliant place to treat yourself while being in Gdansk.

Address: Długie Pobrzeże 22, 22-100 Gdańsk, Polen
Phone: +48 58 301 88 78

Jadalnia Pod Zielonym SmokiemJadalnia Pod Zielonym SmokiemWe are Nodes Goldwasser Gdansk We are Nodes Goldwasser Gdansk We are Nodes Goldwasser Gdansk We are Nodes Goldwasser Gdansk Jadalnia Pod Zielonym SmokiemGoldwasser is a fancy restaurant with a fantastic decor and serviceminded staff, located next to the water. Jadalnia Pod Zielonym Smokiem Jadalnia Pod Zielonym Smokiem

3) Polish dishes for cheap prices at Jadalnia Pod Zielonym Smokiem

Jadalnia Pod Zielonym Smokiem We are Nodes

Somewhat difficult to find (we walked by the restaurant twice!) because of its location on the basement floor on ul. Szeroka 125, BUT this restaurant (a highly recommended lunch spot) is well worth its Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence. This where you’ll find typical Polish dishes for very cheap prices (our lunch with drinks, soup and main courses for two persons cost less than 100 SEK/10 euros!) in a genuine and simple setting, which was exactly what we were looking for! Gdansk was pretty calm during our visit, but this restaurant was by far the most crowded one of all the ones we visited.

Address: ul. Szeroka 125, Gdansk 80-835, Polen
Phone: +48 510 071 991

Jadalnia Pod Zielonym Smokiem We are NodesJadalnia Pod Zielonym Smokiem We are NodesJadalnia Pod Zielonym Smokiem We are NodesJadalnia Pod Zielonym Smokiem We are Nodes

Summary of Gdansk

My first visit in Poland was Sopot two years ago, and even though the city itself was beautiful, my general impression of the service level was not positive. Gdansk, on the other hand, exceeded my expectations! Everyone were super friendly and helpful, and the wining and dining-experience alone makes it worth a visit.

We are Nodes Gdansk Poland We are Nodes Gdansk Poland

We were in Gdansk between Tuesday-Thursday, and during weekdays the city is very calm, i.e. nothing for people seeking vibrant nightlife. According to the locals, Sopot is a better choice for clubbing. The quietness of the city didn’t disturb us at all, but good for people to know in order to manage expectations. When (and not if) I return to Gdansk, I’d love to go right before the Holidays to experience the Christmas lightnings and get into the right Christmas spirit.

Bunkier We are NodesClub Bunkier: During evenings, this preserved building from the Second World War, turns into a night club. Unfortunately, it was pretty calm during our visit in Gdansk. 

Find holiday deals with Travelbird

Other than the premiere to Gdansk, it was also the first time I traveled with Travelbird. With so many elements (flights, private transfer to and from the hotel, accommodation etc), we were a bit sceptical. We all know how some offers just sound too good to be true, but I must say I’m positively surprised with everything! It’s not the last time I travel with them.

The flights are from Skavsta airport in Sweden (probably one of the most boring and soulless airports in the world), but my #travelhack is simply to make the 1,5 hour bus ride to the airport a part of the experience: Buy coffee, sandwiches, listen to podcasts, plan your trip, and the transport will pass in a heartbeat!

Here’s a detailed blog post about our stay at the brand new design hotel Sadova. 


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